Anything But Sweet

13 Jul


I am absolutely DISGUSTED by Mel Gibson’s recent and very publicized behavior towards his ex girlfriend, Oksana. If you haven’t been inundated with media alerts, then here’s a quick background on what’s going on. Mel Gibson is at it again; apparently the best role he plays is a crazy, male-shovenistic, pig. Recent tapes were leaked of his horrifying conversation threatening to bury his ex girlfriend “in a bed or roses” (among other explicatives). Oksana had reported his abusive  behavior before but nothing was done about it – this tape shows just how crazy and honestly terrifying, Mel actually is. Wether he was drunk, high or just pissed, his behavior towards her astonishes me and is inexcusable, period! I say good for her for taping the 8 minute phone conversation wherein Mel spews horrible threats and venomous words at her. He is a pathetic man who deserves to live a sad, lonely, pathetic life.  

Men like Mel Gibson have no backbone and frankly, they make me nauseous. I apologize for using this blog to rant and rave, but after listening to 8 minutes of him screaming and cursing like a deranged maniac, my blood is boiling. Passion of the Christ?? More like Passion of the Crazy!! He needs to be in an institute somewhere far far away from human civilization!  

***Please note that the footage has not been edited or censored. It is very vulgar and very scary. Do not listen if you think you will be offended. *** 

Mel Gibson = NOT Sweet!!


If anything, this is a perfect reminder for women everywhere to stand up for themselves and take charge of abusive situations within their relationships. Although Mel’s ex was not legally allowed to tape this conversation, she did the right thing in order for people to realize she wasn’t just crying wolf about his abusive behavior towards her. Physical and verbal abuse are often equally painfully, if you or someone you know is suffering from an abusive relationship, get help and get out now. Go to the following link for resources on how to get help.  

 – Domestic Abuse Hotline and Informational Site:


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