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Cupcake Contest!

6 Aug

Hello again!

It’s about time I get some moreĀ readers (not that I’m unhappy with my current readers, I just wish there were more of you) So, I have decided to do a “give-away”. Afterall, who doesn’t LOVE free stuff?!? It’s a cupcake contest! You had to have seen that one coming šŸ™‚

Send me a recipe and picture of the wackiest cupcake you can find – It can be one of your own recipes, or oneĀ  you found online. It must be a tested recipe though – reviews from people who have tried it will increase your chances of winning!

Send me and email with the following:

  • Your Name
  • The name of your recipe
  • A picture of your recipe
  • A quick description of your recipe
  • And a link – if you found this recipe online

The winner will receive a fabulous assortment of cupcake goodies, including cupcake key toppers (my mom recently bought me some, and they are justĀ too cute!!) cupcake liners, cupcake toppers, and some other fun cupcake suprises!

All entires must be recieved by August 14th – The winner will be announced on August 16th.

The winning recipe will be featured on my blog!

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Email all entries to jillian.fontaine@yahoo.com

Good Luck!!