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I’m Obsessed!

24 Jun

Summer time is best time of year! Lately, I have found that I’m obessed with these sweet summer goodies. Enjoy!

1)      New York and Company Shorts!! They have the cutest styles and are very reasonably priced. The thing I am loving most about them, is how sophisticated I feel when I put them on. Now that I’m older, I don’t want to wear a miniature cut-off version of jean shorts – I want a more tailored look. Tailored is sexy, tailored is the new mini-short – right? Well it is for me! My favorite style is the GRAMERCY short! I have to admit, I own every color and every pattern Best part is, you can put these shorts with heels or sandals – very versatile. I’ll admit it, I’m obsessed!

2)      Scrunchy Hair. I have always liked scrunching my hair, but not until recently did I perfect how to get that easy-spirit, wavy beach hair look. I love this look because it takes me all of 5 minutes to accomplish– and it’s perfect for those humid nights out on the town. I always use Aussie Scrunch Spray – It’s a miracle worker! Curly, scrunched hair is hair that you don’t have to stress over – and that’s why I’m loving it this summer. Easy, flirty, fun!

Sis and I - Scrunched hair was perfect for that windy day!

3)   Cupcakes! C’mon, you knew I was going to say something about cupcakes 😉 Currently I’m obsessed with my Wilton’s frosting swirl tip #6b – It’s only $1.69 and gives me the perfect frosting swirl on every cupcake! If you want your cupcakes to look “professionally done” go buy the tip – you’ll be so glad you did.

Pretty In Pink Cupcakes - used frosting tip #6B

4)      Loose-fitting blouses and dresses. I have found that Tj Maxx and Marshalls have the best deals on cute “flowy” dresses and tops. I call them “flowy” because I’m not sure how else to describe them. Lately, I’m drawn to bolder patterns, often with bright colors or flowers. A loose fitting shirt looks great with a cinched waist belt and a long necklace or just draped over your one shoulder for a more care-free and relaxed  look (which I have to admit, I rarely pull off well). These looks are fun, and easy to get away with during the summer. So for now, I am definitely enjoying the less form-fitting wardrobe options.

5)      Bows!!! Ok, ok ok, I have to admit it; I’m head over heels in love with any and all things bows!! It comes as no surprise to me that I have a penchant for bows, pink, and anything else that’s screams Barbie doll grown up. If it has a bow on, I’ll buy it. It could be the ugliest thing ever, say a pair of metallic silver 6 in heels, but once I see the bow, which happened to be huge and draping over the left side of the shoe, I am convinced I have to be the owner of them. Luckily, in that particular instance, Pat talked me out of it. They were pretty gaudy now that I think about it. I’m still sickeningly obsessed though – If it has a bow, consider it bought!

6)      Friday’s Off – yup I said it. I have Friday’s off all summer and I’m not ashamed to be bragging about it. I have fallen in-love with 3 day weekends and am dreading  the day I have to give them up. Summer time is truly the best time of year!

What better way to enjoy a Friday off then on an inflatable Slip-N-Slide!!

Enjoy this slideshow of things I love! Til next time, stay sweet xoxo

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