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Firecracker Cupcakes!

8 Jul

I love my job! I love my job even more during the summer because we get every Friday off. I still work a full 40 hour week, but I do it in 4 days instead of 5 – it’s fabulous!

In celebration of Thursday, and the start of my weekend, I have spent some time searching for a new recipe to share. I found the perfect one. I like it because it’s so fun and pretty whacky!

I found this particluar recipe on a blog called “Noble Pig” – the author gives some great recipes ideas on everything from cocktails to mac and cheese. Check it out!!

Boring Betty’s beware: this is not the cupcake for you. But for those of you who like to try bold new recipes, “Firecracker Cupcakes” are the perfect new treat for you to bake! It’s a cupcake with POP-ROCKS!! What could be more fun? Kids (and adults) are sure to love this funky treat. Good luck baking!

Firecracker Cupcakes - Made with lots of sprinkles and topped with Pop Rock candies!

 (Photo courtesy of NoblePig.com)

Here is the link for the recipe, it even has step by step pictures. Easy recipes are good recipes!


Until Next Time, Stay Sweet! xoxo